I didn’t expect to find good food choices at Popeye’s

So now that I’m doing Weight Watchers it’s been really interesting looking for potential fast food options. Taco Bell is a perennial favorite of mine. Wendy’s has some good options as well. Popeye’s was probably the last place I’d expected to find low SP options.


I tried their blackened chicken tenders (3 for 3 SP) and their green beans (1 SP) for a late night snack. I saved the biscuit (10 SP for one, ouch) for breakfast the next day, since it was going to be a get-up-and-get-out-the-door kind of morning.

They were really delicious. There’s a lot of pepper and other spices, so if you don’t like spicy food this might not be for you. It was really filling, and for such low points, that I think next time I’m going to splurge and also get my favorite dip of theirs (blackened ranch, 4 SP for 1)

If I’m having a craving for fast food chicken, I know where I’m going!

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